ATLAS Career Assessment]

New Horizons Jacksonville Presents ATLAS Career Assessment

Both workers and employers are discovering that as we are becoming more digitized, many jobs are becoming obsolete, and new jobs often require skills we may not have. A report from McKinsey found that as many as 375 million workers worldwide may need to switch occupations because of digitization and automation.

What is the Skills Gap?

The 'skills gap' is the difference between the skills that employers need and those available in the available job pool. With more businesses realizing that investing in technology can help them become more profitable and competitive, they discover that their employees lack the skills they need to help them compete. A report from ManpowerGroup found that talent shortages in the U.S. have more than tripled over the last ten years. As a result, employers find it increasingly difficult to find workers who have the training they are looking for to step into these roles.

Are Your Skills Aligned with Demand?

New Horizons now offers a free intuitive holistic career assessment tool, Adaptive Technology Learning Assessment System, or ATLAS, designed to help get people back to work. ATLAS is a unique solution that simultaneously solves three problems for the global workforce:

  1. Businesses need to upskill/reskill to meet their urgent need for skilled workers.
  2. Upskill workers with the training they need to further their careers
  3. Provides new workers the training they need to jump into the job market

ATLAS is an innovative solution that uses predictive intelligence that prepares workers for the new digitized workforce while helping HR teams upskill/reskill their existing talent pool.

How Does ATLAS Work?

ATLAS pulls your resume and LinkedIn profile data and asks AI-driven questions to help identify career paths where you are most likely to succeed. The result is an individualized career journey, with recommendations for specific coursework and certifications for positions that are currently in high demand.

Giving Employers What They Need: Giving Employees What They Want

ATLAS uses predictive analytics to create a customized talent portfolio that includes an inventory of skills, aptitudes, and personalized recommendations for certifications. By uncovering these critical skill gaps, workers and employers can create learning pathways to close these gaps with specialized training.

Targeted, Tailored Assessments

ATLAS provides workers and HR departments with a clear view of their current skill gaps so that they can leverage what they have and upskill/reskill to meet their most high-demand talent needs. In addition, this data empowers individuals and organizations with the data they need to intelligently research job roles precisely aligned to their skills and interests.

ATLAS helps workers identify the most efficient training path to those jobs with a shortage of workers. Specifically, this includes:

  • Data Professionals
  • Cloud Professionals
  • Professional Project Managers
  • Information Systems
  • Network Administrator
  • Office Specialist
  • IT Security
  • Web Designers

ATLAS can quickly provide workers and HR departments with a snapshot of their skill gaps to pivot and meet the growing demand for talent.

Identify your Current Skills Gaps, Discover Your Strengths, and Reskill for the Future!

Try ATLAS today and find out how New Horizons is helping employers attract and retain talent in today's jobs while preparing employees for the careers of tomorrow.

ATLAS Career Assessment